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Thursday 9th May at 7:30pm
John Clare Theatre


A groundbreaking production from eight female Maori filmmakers, WARU is the story of a small New Zealand town coming to terms with a bitter tragedy - the death of a small boy (Waru) at the hands of his caregiver. Eight ten-minute segments, each shot in a single take, set at exactly the same time and with a female lead, focus on the impact of Waru’s death on different corners of the community.

Renae Maihi, Paula Jones, Katie Wolfe, Chelsea Cohen, Casey Kaa, Briar Grace-Smith, Awanui Simich-Pene, Ainsley Gardiner

Awahina Rose Ashby, Jonny Brugh, Amber Cureen

Rating:  15
Year:  2017
Country:  NZ
Length:  86mins

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